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Sorting out some boxes from my childhood home I came across my English exercise book from 1977. I read in fascination as I wrote a play centred around our kitchen table discussing the social classes and characters of a TV documentary ‘21Up’. The premise of the film was taken from the Jesuit motto ‘give me a child until they are 7 and I will show you the man’ . The content of my writing lead me to realise the 13 year old Deborah had very similar values to the person I have become. Interestingly I still love the ‘7 up’ series today even though they are now 63!

So this summer when I was lucky enough to spend the bank holiday weekend with all 3 of my children it made me cast my mind back to a holiday spent in Noss Mayo a little further along the coast towards Plymouth back in 2003.  We had had a great family holiday with all the usual beach trips , aquarium in Plymouth and the wonderful Sorley Tunnel but it was the walk down to Great Mattiscombe Sands which really stood out in my mind. I can remember posing for our group photo on the tranquil beach with the crystal clear water and reminiscing about my coastal walk here as a student. The joy I felt at 16,40 and now 56 is still the same and to able to share that with Josh , Megan and Phoebe now they are all in their 20’s was priceless . So to unlock these precious memories we need to spend time doing the same things which bring us happiness – simple pleasures .

Hopefully in our ever changing world  the memories that our children have will lead them back to such simple pleasures as natural beauty ,  a pint in the Cricket, chatting with mates and laughter!