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Looking forward to a week at Beesands with my Mum in March and the arrival of Spring were very definitely the plan as I blocked out a week in the booking calender .

As we arrived down the hill from Beeson it was evident it would be very different. Shingle and devastation throughout the village and this was one week down the line. The most noticeable was the damage to Britannia at the beach although the main building appears to be intact the neighbouring store cupboard and food store wasn’t quite so lucky. We will hopefully be able to give you some good news soon about the re opening. Christine and Matt had done a fantastic job in No 1 and after 5 cleans of the slate floor it was beautiful as we walked into a somewhat chilly house. The boiler had been full of water as the sea water made it way through the courtyard garden and into the housing of the boiler but again thanks to Oil Burner services of Kingsbridge this was repaired and we soon had the heating on high. We were definitely relieved to have the AGA.

A delicious mothers day meal at the Cricket was what we needed to give us some energy and enthusiasm for a hectic week ahead.

I’ve attached a video of the live coverage from ITV SW news which I think sums up the events.

I will never forget the damage created by the power of the sea but this trip was also laced with happiness as it was the first run on the beach for our miniature Schnauzer puppy Winnie ( who is bigger than Trixie now) she loved Beesands as much as the rest of us and will be looking forward to many more trips soon.

As we left after a day of work by the local council with diggers (lets hope they remember to clean out the drains of all that shingle) the village was looking more inviting and ready for the Easter holidays and the hedgerows resembled springtime. I still need to order some replacement garden furniture and table tennis table . Fingers crossed a few years will pass before another Storm Emma!