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Snow doesn’t come  to Start Bay very often but the photos on my Facebook feed courtesy of some local pages made it look magical . Contrast between the calm sea and the white coastal path, welcoming country pubs with a roaring fire left a false sense of calm and tranquility . Then the combination of the full moon , the beast from the east and storm Emma shattered that illusion and at high tide on Friday 2nd March the waves crashed over the sea defences from Beesands to Strete and onto Dawlish causing devastation along the way. 

Damage to Number One was mainly limited to the garage where the power of the sea ripped off the garage door allowing the sea to carry some of our garden furniture along the front . Also a need for a couple of new rugs in the living room. As always in these times the locals pull together to start the clear up operation and we shall be down next weekend to lend a hand.

it may take a little longer to find out what will happen to the destruction of the Slapton line A379 from Torcross to Strete.