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Just take the first step ! I use this expression all the time within my everyday life with the athletes I coach and my own children and family.

Paddle boarding has been on our to do list for ages and rather than just talk about it I took the first step and  I booked it  . Surfing the internet there was lots of South Devon locations to try it out but I went for beautiful Kingsbridge with its lovely inland estuary.

Waterborn set on the Kingsbridge Salcombe estuary offering sheltered conditions for beginners and intriguing creeks for those who would like to explore was a wonderful choice . Phoebe and I had a two hour beginners group lesson with a fantastic instructor who took us across to an especially sheltered spot where we made the transition from kneeling to standing . Gingerly we stood there with rather gusty winds against our bodies which were acting as sails , feet positioned either side in the middle of the board we started to paddle upstream towards the bandstand in Kingsbridge. What a perfect feeling being so close to the water and balancing as we moved past a creek with its challenging cross winds , standing tall paddling faster dodging the boats I began to wobble and I realised I was getting a little over confident . We turned and with the tide behind us the Kingsbridge ferry in front we all felt 100% more confident on our boards and eager for lesson number 2 . Actually if I was living in South Hams for longer periods I would definitely join the club and hopefully take part in the regattas .

Another activity I would really recommend.