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I live in the the Roman city of Verulamium otherwise known as St Albans steeped with history . Yes ,I have much to learn about Roman history but it is the history of Hallsands and Beesands which absolutely fascinates me . Whether it be the Trout sisters building their wonderful house  on a cliff top site overlooking the ruined village of South Hallsands, the opening of Prospect house to provide holidays which provided everything needed for an escape from city life in the 1930’s,the decay of the hotel and the neighbouring hotel at North Hallsands.

Perhaps it is simply a place that takes me back to the simply pleasures of being a 16 year old on a geography field trip ,walking along the coast path with friends coming across the village which had fallen into the sea and clambering over  the ruins imagining that night in 1917 . The love I had for this area was neatly positioned in my memories ready to be resurfaced. Twenty five years later and with children of my own we visited Hallsands and this  bizarre feeling engulfed me  , a connection ,a feeling of calm , of belonging.  I still don’t understand this emotion, the nearest I have got is uncovering my field study notes complete with a diary of the coast path walk. I’m hoping that visitors to No 1 Beesands will also enjoy learning about the history in addition to the geography ,natural history and wildlife if time allows !

Please whilst you are staying take some time to read Sisters against the Sea you too can take yourselves back to the early 20th century.

I later learnt that Steer ( my own surname ) is a Hallsands/Beesands name – is that the link??