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The country stopped March 23rd 2020 . We were indebted to our key workers the delivery drivers, grocery stores,pharmacists ,doctors,nurses,NHS workers ,vets and all those other roles that we so desperately needed when the rest of us had to stay inside and wait , wait until it was safe to go out.

How could it be that this news from the other side of the world actually affected us , gradually it moved through countries arriving in the packed ski slopes with the usual apres ski jollities being passed from unsuspecting holiday maker to another as they laughed and sang in the tiny ski lodges with their gluvein and jagger tea. On its way to Brighton and then boom we had it , thriving from our dense population , our pub culture it passed through our population – we had been warned from the rest of Europe and now it was our turn .

I left Beesands on the 13th March and returned on the 4th July . Our beautiful cottage standing empty for 4 months . No laughter and happiness of holiday makers relaxing at no 1, the Cricket or Britannia . The beach and coast path inhabited by what nature intended .

What did we learn from this pause in our hectic world and what did we miss. Questions we should ask ourselves as we get used to the new normal until we can gradually return to the things we so desperately miss from pre March . We can all diversify ,change things around – some people more than others have extraordinary talent to create where doors have closed , and it is good for us to stop and think.